Howard Communications Encourages Sportsmen to Vote


“The right to vote is the most influential right that American Citizens can exercise to have their voices heard,” said Howard Communications President, Kevin Howard. “To help sportsmen be more informed about the 2012 elections, sportsmen can now go to the Sportsmen Vote website to learn about key issues relating to sportsmen and the activities they enjoy.” encourages all sportsmen to register to vote in the Fall 2012 election. If a sportsman hasn’t registered to vote yet, shares the link to register to vote and provides a list of polling places.

The website is a large resource where sportsmen can learn about key issues including hunting, shooting, fishing and conservation. Sportsmen can also share their opinions with other sportsmen on the topics that affect their pursuits. Weekly polls on hot button topics allow sportsmen’s voices to be heard. Sportsmen Vote can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-the-minute news and updates. Sportsmen can sign up to get e-mail alerts.

Sportsmen Vote also lets voters compare presidential candidates and how they stack up against each other in sportsman related issues. also links candidate related news articles so voters can stay updated on the presidential campaign.

“Many people believe this year’s election may be the most important ever for a number of issues,” says Howard. “We encourage every sportsman to get involved and vote this year and ask their family and friends to do the same.”

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