Police in the south African nation of Namibia are wrapping up their investigation of the death of a poacher at the horn of the animal he was trying to kill. The incident occurred at Mururani village, which is about 81 miles (130 km) south of Rundu in the northern part of the country on Saturday.

Johannes Wihinda, 44, died when a kudu’s horn penetrated the left side of his chest, according to Willie Bampton, a regional police official.

Wihinda had trapped the kudu with a wire-trap and was trying to finish the job with an axe when the kudu managed to pierce Wihinda’s chest with its horn. Wihinda died on the spot. His next of kin has already been notified.

Image from Chris Hills, spamdangler on flickr

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  • Andrew

    Awesome, serves the bastard right. Hunting properly is one thing, poachers deserve to be shot on sight.

  • I agree with Andrew…what goes around comes around. Did the animal suffer any injuries other than being trapped?


  • GoFindMe

    Since there is a market, poaching will always be around. Animal won this round at least.

  • SteveO

    to bad it didn’t kill kill the BAS_-_-_-D…..

  • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, etc….