Boone and Crockett Country Moves Exclusively to Sportsman Channel


Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman, announced today that Boone and Crockett Country, a one-of-a-kind conservation and hunting series, has moved exclusively to Sportsman.  The new series explores the story of North American conservation, one of the greatest yet least known chapters from man’s history on Earth, all from the viewpoint of American sportsmen. Join career wildlife biologist and conservation advocate, Shane Mahoney, in Boone and Crockett Country, debuting July 1 at 10am ET/PT during “Made in America” premiere week, exclusively on Sportsman Channel.

Shane Mahoney, the highly sought-after speaker, internationally renowned biologist, conservation advocate, and professional member of the Boone and Crockett Club, serves as the show’s new host. “The story of North American conservation is truly one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind, yet this story is relatively unknown to many sportsmen, not taught in our schools, and completely lost to non-hunters and the vast majority of our policymakers,” said Mahoney. “With human population growth and increasing demands on natural resources, if our wildlife and sporting heritage are to survive, this story of conservation must be told and celebrated as an example of what is possible when citizens care. Only this can save what is ultimately important to all of us—a healthy and sustainable environment in which people can live, work and play.”

“Partnering with Boone and Crockett has been a priority and we are proud this series is moving to our network for its 2012 season,” said Graig Hale, Sportsman Channel, VP of Business Development. “It is a one-of-a-kind show that’s greatly needed to educate all of us on our past, so we can plan, prepare and experience a prosperous and balanced future.”

Each episode will be dedicated to covering a wide range of topics of importance to those who cherish the traditions of hunting and the great game we hunt. The series is intended to inform and inspire today’s sportsmen as to the true story of North American conservation and the critical roles hunting plays in the future of our wildlife resources, and therefore the future of hunting.

“Sportsmen led the first environmental revolution in North America and are positioned to lead the next, but they must be knowledgeable about their achievements and able to relay these stories to the public,” added Mahoney.

Viewers will also get to see hunting action as the crew spot and stalk Black Bear in British Columbia to a lucky guy who draws a big elk tag in his home state of Pennsylvania.

Don’t miss Boone and Crockett Country and 21 other brand-new series starting June 25 for Sportsman Channel’s exciting premiere week, “Made in America.”  The network’s Q3 lineup includes 575 hours of new content, including 22 brand-new series and 70 returning series with all-new episodes, featuring the network’s battled-tested hunters, legendary anglers and top experts.  The campaign, which bows June 25, is a multimillion dollar, multimedia effort that will garner in excess of 200 million impressions.

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