Conservation Leadership Programme Award Winners Announced


The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP), a partnership including the Wildlife Conservation Society, Fauna & Flora International, BirdLife International, and Conservation International, have announced its 2012 award winners.

The awards will support 28 conservation projects in 22 countries.  Projects range from changing attitudes of youth in Amur tiger habitat in Russia to assessing the conservation status and economic importance of Kenya’s marlin fisheries.

The two top winning projects received $50,000 each.  They include a project in Cuba to conserve the island nation’s plant life and a project in Colombia to protect critically endangered birds.

The awards are designed to train future conservation leaders who will receive specialized training and mentoring from partner organizations.  This year’s winners will attend a training workshop in the Canadian Rockies later this month.

“The Conservation Leadership Program is a smart investment in the future of conservation,” said David Wilkie, WCS Director of Conservation Support.  “WCS congratulates this year’s winners and looks forward to working with them as they move forward with their diverse and exciting projects.”

Since its inception in 1985, the CLP has supported almost 560 projects worldwide.

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