SIG SAUER Captain Max Michel, Jr., Claims Top Spot at Gothenburg Open


Max Michel, Jr., made the most out of a training visit to Sweden to score a win at the Gothenburg Open.

Arriving the week before the match, Michel put on a shooting clinic designed around International Practical Shooting Confederation (ISPC) courses. In addition to helping adjust to the time change, Michel said it helped him with the target change as well.

“In Europe, the IPSC classic target is an oblong octagon with tighter scoring boxes,” Michel said. “These smaller rings really put a premium on accuracy. A shot that might score as an A-zone hit on a U.S. metric  target may be a C-zone hit on the IPSC target.”

European stages also tend to be more technical, with smaller target areas and more obstructions to deal with, he said. For someone used to United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) stages, it requires a shift in stage planning.

This match also saw Michel return to the Open Division. Up to this point, he had been competing with the new SIG SAUER 1911 Max, his signature pistol, in the Single-Stack Division.

“While I love shooting the 1911 Max, it was nice not to have to reload every eight shots,” Michel joked. “Those big Open Division magazines make the longer stages a lot easier.”

Michel’s score of 1133.1132 points was 137.561 points ahead of the runner-up. Michel won 10 of 13 stages outright.

Next up for Michel is the Pro-Am Championship in mid-July in Frostproof, Fla.

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