Team FNH USA’s Leading Ladies Take Home Top Honors


The ladies of Team FNH USA have come on strong in the first half of the 2012 season. Dianna Liedorff and Karla Herdzik recently claimed High Lady titles in Texas, Missouri and North Carolina.

Liedorff posted her first winning performance of 2012 at the LaRue Tactical Texas Multigun Championship in late April. Liedorff claimed High Lady in Open Division by shooting 62% of the match winner. Liedorff followed up that win with a second High Lady title in Open at the CMMG Midwest 3-Gun Championship in Missouri in late May, shooting 61% of the match winner. Liedorff switched from TacOps to Open this year, and after CMMG commented, “This was my second match to shoot the Open Division. I’m getting the hang of this Open game and I’m liking it!”

Following in Liedorff’s footsteps, Herdzik claimed High Lady honors at the inaugural Tarheel 3-gun Challenge in North Carolina. Herdzik noted, “This was my first major 3-gun match shooting for Team FNH USA, so I’m thrilled to start off on such a high note. My rifle shooting really carried me through the match. It’s true what they say – ‘Chicks dig SCARs’ and I’m really loving mine!” Herdzik shot 61% of the TacOps match winner and posted an 18th place stage finish.

The ladies of Team FNH USA are competing in the 3-Gun Nation Ladies and Semi-Pro series this season. They look forward to seeing more women get involved in the sport of 3-gun.

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