Alpen Optics Wins Seven Outdoor Life “Great Buy” Awards


The Alpen Apex XP Model 693 is the recipient of a Great Buy Award in Outdoor Life’s Gear Test 2012. According to the review, “The Alpen Apex XP Model 693  joins a family of priced-right Alpens featuring high quality glass and hunter-friendly amenities at a fantastic price.”

Alpen continues its tradition of quality engineering and development with this extreme performance binocular. The optical clarity is sharp and crisp, performing well in early morning and late afternoon low-light conditions. With this rugged binocular, the buyer also gets super-close focus, long 20mm eye relief and Alpen’s new no-fault lifetime warranty. One more example that Alpen provides “products that are useful, durable and affordable.”
The Alpen Shasta Ridge Model 381SR 8×30 was also acknowledged by Outdoor Life for its smart innovations, including “A strong triple-hinged design, very good glass for the money, generous eye relief, and a nice finger-grabbing geometry.  There is a ton of value in this handy litte binocular.”
This model features a Super Close “Interpupillary Distance” (IPD), which is great for youths and those with close set eyes.
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