Benelli/Rockcastle Shotgun Championships Begin June 29


The Benelli/Rockcastle Shotgun Championship begins this Friday, June 29, and will take place over the next three days (June 29-July 1, 2012) at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky.

The match will consist of 24 stages and will require approximately 253 rounds of birdshot, 30 slugs and 25 rounds of buckshot to complete. Competitors will be able to shoot in one of three divisions: Open Division; Standard Division and Standard Manual Division.

Six stages will take place on Friday, 12 stages on Saturday and six stages on Sunday.  TeamBenelli 3-gunners, Jeff Cramblit and Patrick Kelly helped design several of the stages for this first annual practical shotgun championship.

As one of the stage designers for the match, Cramblit feels certain that shooters will enjoy some fast-paced shooting when they tackle a number of very interesting challenges.

“I flavored some of my designs with elements from my past experiences and from challenges I’ve faced while shooting IPSC Championships overseas,” Cramblit described. “Shooters can expect to engage targets around those pesky “no-shoot” plates, and from some very demanding shooting positions to some straight-up fun with speed stages.”

Other Team Benelli 3-Gun shooters competing in the Benelli/Rockcastle Shotgun Championship include, Katie Harris, Taran Butler, Ben Fortin, Rob Romero, Jansen Jones, and Jessie Duff.

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