New Season of Federal Premium’s On Your Own Adventures Premiers Next Week


Warm Springs Production today announced a new season of Federal Premium’s On Your Own Adventures will begin airing this week on Sportsman Channel. New episodes begin Thursday, June 28th at 9pm Eastern Time.

“We’re so proud to have worked with Randy on another stellar season!” said Marc Pierce, Managing Partner of Warm Springs Productions, producer of the series. “He is the real deal; a guy that works hard for all the success he has in the field and is committed to public land hunting for him and all hard charging American hunters!”

Federal Premium’s On Your Own Adventures features hunting adventures and tips for the non-guided, public land hunter.  The upcoming season features some the most difficult conditions host Randy Newberg has faced in his four seasons of filming including: being stranded in a Wyoming blizzard unable to return to camp, sleeping in below-zero temperatures, a gut-wrenching search for a wounded animal, a groundbreaking, first of it’s kind hunt for wolves on public land in Montana, and finished off by taking an 83 year-old veteran on what may be his last deer hunt.

“This season is truly a reflection of hunting as it occurs for most of us,” said Randy Newberg. “Challenges beyond what seemed possible.  Weather, health, equipment, scarce game, you name it.  Yet, with hard work and perseverance, we overcame, bringing another great season of hunts, from Alaska to New Mexico, from bears to elk, and all things in between.”

The premier of the new season of Federal Premium’s On Your Own Adventures is part of Sportsman Channel’s ‘Made in America’ campaign, which includes 22 New Series and 75 Season Premieres.

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