Pursuit Channel, Number One in Audited Distribution, Adds Number One in New Show Premiere


One hundred and twelve individual television series, representing more than 4,300 total broadcast hours of pure hunting, shooting and fishing content – including world network premieres for dozens of new titles beginning today  –  establish Pursuit Channel  as the year’s top network television distributor among first-time independent outdoors producers.

New hits including Fred Zink’s Avian-X, Kings of Getting ’Em’, StruttinBucks’ The Juncture, Deadly Passion and Orion Entertainment’s Goin’ Country with former American Idol Kristy Lee Cook unite with a collection of Pursuit Channel staples – all-new episodes of dazzling hunting favorites like Spook Nation, DEER Thugs, Wallhanger TV and Bowhunting addiction – to make the 2012 television year history’s biggest and best ever for new traditional outdoors television.

“The record year of Pursuit Channel achievement is a testament to the vibrancy, the size, the importance and the resiliency of America’s outdoorsmen,” said Rusty Faulk, CEO of the Pursuit Channel.  “We’ve proven that when you increase opportunities for independent television producers it’s a boon in any economy.  More unduplicated distribution, better auditing and stabilized time-buy pricing equals market expansion and better futures for wildlife conservation and the family-based American outdoorsman.”

Beginning Friday, June 29, 2012, shooting content becomes a Pursuit Channel premium with Friday Night Firepower, a new bloc to include: Trigger Time, Guns & Gear, Doug Koenig’s Championship Season, American Airgunner, American Trigger Sports and Gun Talk TV.  And while the Firepower bloc may represent the height of aggregation there are nine more content blocs across the network’s primetime and weekend schedule, presented individually by Ram Trucks, Mossy Oak Brand Camo, Kawasaki, Dead Down Wind, Can-Am ATV, Carbon Express and Gorilla Treestands.

As for destination viewing: “Maybe the juiciest new mini bloc in all of television is Pursuit Channel’s Whistling Wings aggregation on Saturday evening, said Tack Robinson of MOOSE Media.  “Hardcore duck hunters are the quickest to bed on Saturday night, so we’re contemplating a ‘may cause sleeplessness’ disclaimer for this air-bending cluster, which includes the all-new Avian-X, The Honey Brake Experience and Duck Dog Waterfowl.”

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