Primetime Firepower: Pursuit Channel Shooting Bloc Announced


Pursuit Channel, the only outdoors network viewable in more that 40 million American homes, has released its Friday Night Firepower bloc schedule for Q3-4 2012.  There are six original series featuring firearms expertise for competition, self defense and hunting.

With bloc and interstitial introductions by Doug Koenig, the most decorated professional shooter at work today, Firepower Pursuit Channel style kicks off at 7:00 pm EST with Trigger Time, a show hosted by the taciturn survivability and firearms expert Troy Guillotte.

Guns & Gear is next at 7:30 with host Tom and Ryan Gresham, the son and grandson, respectively, of legendary conservation communicator, the late C.H. “Grits” Gresham, the former host of the American Sportsman television series. Tom Gresham began appearing on national outdoor television 20 years ago, as co-host of “Shooting Sports America.”  Since then he has hosted, created, produced and directed series for several networks, including ESPN, ESPN2, NBC Sports and Fox Sports.

Doug Koenig’s Championship Season hits third in the lineup. At press time, Koenig, a Pennsylvania native who incorporates his love of hunting into the Championship Season series, had won 63 major domestic and international shooting competitions as a professional.

To include awesome competition, American Airgunner and its capable host Paul Capello are next at 8:30. Your grandfather’s air-powered fusils and his production assets are not in play here.  In addition to American Airgunner, 5 Star Productions’ clients include MTV, Golf Channel and Discovery.

James D. Towle and his award-winning production team enter at 9:00 with American Trigger Sports, an impressive magazine-style compendium of shooting activities featuring Gold Medalists, World Champions, personal defense experts and personalities from the likes of Top Shots Season 2.

Gun Talk TV and host Tom Gresham conclude the bloc at 9:30 pm.  Gun Talk TV moves Gresham’s fan base visually beyond his nationally syndicated “Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk,” America’s only radio show devoted to guns, featuring one of the largest all-media audiences in the United States.

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