Go to the NRA Museum on the 4th of July


So here’s what’s going to happen … It’s the 4th of July. You’re walking around the house, planning out the day, wondering what what’s the first step in the holiday day. Take care of some chores, watch a little baseball, ready the wife and kids for the neighborhood barbeque, pack up the cooler and head out for the fireworks. Why not throw a little history into mix?

Thanks to the good people at the National Firearms Museum, you can do just that. Instead of fighting the crowds in Washington, DC or watching baseball from your living room sofa, come on out to Fairfax for a first time ever Fourth of July opening.

“What better way to celebrate everything that July 4th is about then stopping by the National Firearms Museum,” said Museum Director Jim Supica. “It’s the day that our forefather proclaimed that they would no longer be ruled by the King of England. And they backed up that claim with the very firearms that we have here today.”

Opening at 9:30 in the morning and running until 5, the National Firearms Museum will be there for you to bring the wife, bring the husband, bring the kids, the neighbors and whoever else you can cram into your car on our 4th of July. Think of it as a great way to spend a few hours to learn why you’re able to spend a few hours watching fireworks later that night.

11250 Waples Mill Road in Fairfax, Virginia. Go get a little history.

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