On Friday night, President Barack Obama declared Colorado a federal disaster area in order to open the flow of federal dollars and resources to aid the state and its residents as they deal with the aftermath of one of the most devastating wildfires in Colorado history. The announcement followed the President’s tour of affected areas throughout the day.

To date, the wildfires have claimed an estimated 350 homes, caused over 30,000 people to be evacuated and claimed at least 2 lives.

The Waldo Canyon Fire is the largest and most destructive of these fires, having burned more than 17,000 acres so far.

Although the fire was 25% contained as of Saturday night, which was up 10% from Friday, at least 20,000 homes and 160 businesses are still threatened.

Below is a home video of the High Point fire which is burning west of Fort Collins, Colorado.


The feature image is courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and is not of the fires in question.

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  • Took him long enough. Now approve Evergreen to use their super tanker to help out out the fire.