Fairfax, Virginia – We first mentioned the Theodore Roosevelt collection in February of this year. Pictures of firearms, lion skins, Rough Rider gear and more were taken at the secret staging area here at NRA Headquarters. No more.

“Today we begin the Theodore Roosevelt era at the National Firearms Museum,” said Museum Director Jim Supica. “Finished putting up the glass partition last night and started loading in the President’s treasures earlier this morning.”

So what did they do? How about this … starting with the existing Roosevelt Room (known as the Age of Elegance), the cases were emptied (sans the Teddy Bear case) and a floor to ceiling glass partition divided the room.

Behind the glass will go the lion skins, the hippo feet, the governor’s chair, the San Juan Hill gatling gun, the Regimental Colors, a pair of bear skin gloves and more. But that’s just the first offering.

Throughout the week, additional guns, gear and art will find it’s way behind the glass, inside the cases and scattered throughout the museum.

“Roosevelt has an incredible collection,” said Supica. “It will be a pleasure to watch over it for the next few years.”

More of a soft than an official opening, the Roosevelt Collection is there for visitors to view as additional guns, art and curios are added to the exhibit.

Image courtesy NRA Blog

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