Fairfax, Virginia – After safely stored away in his grandfather’s closet for years, the Springfield rifle above almost found it’s way to the scrap heap. Luckily Carl was there to save the day. And lucky for us, he brought it in to the National Firearms Museum’s for inspection.

“A few of my family members were go through my grandfather’s closet and found this stuck inside some plastic wrap,” Carl began. “Their first reaction was to give it to the local police department for disposal — to which I exclaimed,’Hold on a minute there.'”

That’s when Museum Director Jim Supica grabbed his chest. Crisis, of course, was averted. Richard picked up the rifle, took it home and eventually brought it here to the museum. That’s when Supica went to work.

“It’s a U.S. Trainer, a .22 long rifle bolt action gun. A Model 1922 Springfield Armory and it’s just in exceptional, exceptional condition. I bet it looked like this when it came out of the armory.”

Supica continued his inspection of the gun as Senior Curator Phil Schreier made his way into the room. After a quick examination, he escorted Carl into the museum library for a look at a collection of similar rifles on display. They talked more about the gun’s history, took a few pictures, packed up the rifle and parted ways.

All thankful that Carl was able to save his grandfather’s gun.

Images courtesy NRA Blog

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