Vicious Fishing is excited to announce the launch of Vicious Fishing Salt at the upcoming ICAST 2012 in Orlando, FL.  This new series of saltwater lines are the latest addition to the Vicious Fishing family of lines, putting the Vicious Fishing brand in a market known for big fish and epic battles. The Vicious Fishing Salt series will launch with three key products being used by most inshore and offshore anglers today.  Included in the lineup are braid, 100% fluorocarbon leader and copolymer lines.

Vicious Salt Braid was built for strength and durability. Woven from the highest quality Spectra fiber, it has virtually no stretch, allowing anglers to react to the slightest bite at any depth and set hooks with lightning speed.  The special U.R.C. process allows for a better seal during the coating process which helps with abrasion resistance, water absorption rate, and makes Vicious Salt Braid resistant to UV rays.  The line can be purchased in 10 to 200 lb test and in various spools sizes from 150 yards up to 1500 yards. Bulk spools are also available.

Vicious Salt 100% Fluorocarbon leader has been tested in some of the toughest, most demanding saltwater conditions.  Manufactured with the highest grade resins, the line is supple, has low memory and nearly no stretch.  And being translucent, it is nearly invisible to fish.  It is available in 10 to 130 lb test.

Vicious Salt A.C.T. (Advanced Copolymer Technology) utilizes more than 30 years of experience in the line business resulting in unmatched dependability. The 10 to 50 lb test is built with high tensile strength, low stretch, superior know strength, excellent castability, and ultimate abrasion resistance, all of which meet the rigorous standards of the saltwater market.  The higher pound tests have the same attributes of the lower pound tests, and add just the right amount of stretch to prevent shock breaks that can be attributed to those saltwater giants. Combine these attributes with a high recovery rate, and you have one of the best copolymers on the market today.  The line is available in 10 to 100 lb test and in 330 yard, ¼ lb, 1 lb and 2 lb spools.

“Over the past 12 months we have been putting our saltwater series of lines to the test and have been more than pleased with the results.  There have been some absolute giant fish landed and we are hearing story after story of how our line is beating the odds,” boasts Jeff Martin, Vicious Fishing President.  “We are absolutely confident that Vicious Fishing Salt lines will perform at the moment of truth and we put our reputation on the line every time someone spools up for a day on the water.”

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