A recent increase in crime on Georgia Tech’s Atlanta campus has brought concealed carry rights to forefront of political debate.

According to local television station WTVM, Robert Eager and Kyle Wilkins are the leaders of the fight to legalize concealed carry at Georgia Tech.

“When crime picked up on campus I took it personally, really,” Eager said. “If you are being threatened walking to and from your apartment when you should be concerned about your school work, that’s a problem. and this something we need to work on.”

Recently, three Georgia Tech students were robbed of campus and one student, while sleeping in his dorm which is behind three different forms of campus security, had a gun pointed at his head.

Eager said that after the student was attacked in his dorm, there was an out pouring of support from students and parents expressed through Facebook. The two Georgia Students for Concealed Carry Facebook pages have a combined 541 “likes.”

This interview explores the issue of concealed carry on Georgia Tech’s campus.


Image courtesy Georgia Tech Students for Concealed Carry

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