Moments in Time, a California memorabilia company, is offering Elvis Presley’s custom Smith & Wesson Model 19 revolver for sale. Regardless of who owned the gun this stunning S&W Model 19 it would surely command  a hefty price from collectors. However, given that is was owned by Elvis A. Presley and Vice President Spiro Agnew (and it comes with copious amounts of documentation to prove ownership), the price of this piece of history is just a bit higher than you might imagine.

According to Moments in Time, the asking price for the revolver is $275,000 which is sure to make all but the most avid Elvis fans wince. Look below for more images and the description from Moments in Time’s website.

Elvis A. Presley purchased the above pistol (Serial No.688344) Nov. 6, 1970 from Kerr’s Sporting Goods in Beverly Hills, Calif. The pistol has leaf and scroll engraving outlined by sweeping borders of inlaid gold and silver with carved ivory handles and bearing the serial number 688344.

Five images of animals including, a Bear, a Bobcat, a Moose, a Mountain Lion and a Puma are inlaid in gold. The ivory grips are carved with a Deer on one side and an Antelope on the other. The artist of the Frederick Wilhelm Heym Company of Germany executed the engraving.

The pistol comes with a custom-made leather zipper case with Elvis’s name tooled on it. Also, the original Firearms investigation report and Registration Paper showing the Serial Number and signature of Elvis A. Presley from the Beverly Hills Police Department are part of the provenance with this pistol.

There are 4 photos of Elvis with the gun. There are numerous articles in several books regarding Elvis giving the pistol to Vice-President Spiro Agnew on December 01, 1970. The pistol has tremendous historical value due to the fact it was given as a gift to Vice-President Spiro Agnew. Vice-President Agnew returned the pistol to Elvis because he was under investigation for wrongful acts. The provenance is as good as it can get. The pistol was later given to the Sheriff of Shelby County, Sheriff Gene Barksdale. The value of this artifact is almost priceless.

Images Courtesy of M.I.T. Memorabilia Inc.

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3 thoughts on “Elvis Presley’s Custom Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum Revolver Up for Sale

  1. Priceless, or worthless? How about a couple thousand based on gold prices. Elvis was just another man, a man who could sing, and who media made into something he really wasn’t. Just like they do to people all the time. These people are nothing special. Some of them, are specially messed up in their heads and lives, because they are placed on pedestals and they think they have to become something other than what they really are; just people, just like everyone else.

  2. uh, ghee, I thought this was about the gun, not the man… whatever your opinion of Elvis, he was a celebrity… a rather famous one… regardless of what or why or the details of same… the gun is a collectors item and it’s previous owners does command a hefty price. Somebody will buy it and it will probably change hands many more times…. it does appear to be a nice firearm that some collector will snatch up… that is really all this about.

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