Vicious Fishing has created a mobile storefront that will be used during tournaments, retail promotions, and other special events to further the brands reach to the consumer through one-to-one interaction with fans.  In addition to the entire fishing line offering, this customized event trailer will showcase Vicious branded apparel, headwear, eyewear and other licensed products.

In addition, Vicious Fishing staff members will be manning the store and be available to answer questions from consumers about the product and the brand in general.  So, it serves to not only sell product, but to learn more about what we need to grow the Vicious brand.

“We have found that the best way to understand the consumer, and what they want, is to shake their hands and just talk to them,” stated Vicious Fishing President, Jeff Martin.  “A brand is only as strong as what the market says it is.  So, we want to make sure that we interact with them directly when the opportunity exists.  Over the years, the angling consumer has been instrumental in helping us identify both fishing line and licensing opportunities that fill their needs and extend the Vicious brand.  This successful trend is something we want to continue in the future.”

Image courtesy of Shyne Agency

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