Port Clinton, Ohio – The preliminary results for today’s .22 Caliber Matches are live!.

After finishing fifth in yesterday’s Preliminary Pistol Championship, John Zurek catapulted ahead to win today’s .22 Caliber Championship with an aggregate score of 893-35X. Perhaps Brian Zins was correct in predicting that his hunger might get the better of him. But it was enough to finish in second with an aggregate score of 887-57X.

NRA .22 Caliber Championship Match #101
PlaceCompetitor NameScore
1John Zurek893-35x
2Brian Zins887-57x
3James Henderson887-44x
4Gregory Wilson884-39x
5Greg Markowski883-42x
.22 Caliber Slow Fire Match #135
PlaceCompetitor NameScore
1John Zurek198-7x
2Gregory Wilson193-7x
3Harvie Loomis192-5x
4Paul Porter191-8x
5Robert Mango191-5x
 .22 Caliber National Match Course #136
PlaceCompetitor NameScore
1Brian Zins298-21x
2Luis Esparza297-19x
3Christopher Johnson297-19x
4James Henderson297-16x
5Kevin Vacura297-9x
.22 Caliber Timed Fire Match #137
PlaceCompetitor NameScore
1Philip Hemphill200-17x
2Brian Zins200-16x
3Patrick Saleh200-16x
4Alan Toler200-16x
5Eric Lawrence200-15x
.22 Caliber Rapid Fire Match #138 
PlaceCompetitor NameScore
1David Lange200-14x
2Patrick Franks200-13x
3Thomas Rose200-13x
4Timothy Hall200-13x
5Steve Turner200-12x

Image courtesy NRA Blog

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