WFN: World Fishing Network, North America’s only television network, online and mobile platform dedicated exclusively to fishing and outdoor enthusiasts, announced today the airing of one of their original series on DIRECTV’s Audience Network.  A special episode of Hookin’ Up with Mariko Izumi will air Saturday, July 14, 12pm ET/PT.

Combining a love for travel and a passion for fishing, Mariko Izumi takes viewers across the globe to experience the best that both have to offer.  Each season, she visit’s the world’s best fishing hot spots, while learning about the local culture along the way.  Whether it’s hooking a sailfish or exploring the local scene, travel and fishing is Mariko’s mission.

This exceptional episode of Hookin’ Up with Mariko Izumi – Expedition Fly Fishing is an action-packed documentary that challenges Mariko and a group of hard-core anglers to plan the perfect fly fishing expedition to one of the most exclusive bodies of water in North America.  The show follows Mariko and her team as they plan the trip, travel to their remote destination, and strategize how to attack the water to fish for salmon on the fly.

Each scene is complete with action-styled photography, extreme close-ups with eye popping details and compelling interviews with the anglers.  The entire expedition is sewn together with iconic imagery, engaging characters and riveting adventure.

Logo courtesy of World Fishing Network

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