Finishes Championship with 2 individual titles, 3rd overall

Port Clinton, Ohio – Scores are up for the .45 Caliber Championship. Those of us here at NRAblog send our congratulations out to this year’s .22 Caliber winner John Zurek because today he added the .45 Caliber Championship to his resume. Zurek mentioned earlier that he felt the .45 Caliber matches were his specialty — it appears he was correct.

Congratulations to all the winners in the individual .45 Caliber categories. We’ll be honoring them, and all the other pistol champs, tonight at the NRA National Pistol Championship Awards Ceremony.

.45 Caliber Championship — Match 103
Place Competitor Score
1       John Zurek 886-46x
2       Brian Zins 883-44x
3       Philip Hemphill 880-36x
4       Patrick Franks 879-44x
5       James Henderson 879-41x
.45 Caliber Slow Fire Match — Match 143
Place Competitor Score
1       Lawrence Carter 195-9x
2       Stephen Locatelli 193-5x
3       Luis Esparza 193-3x
4       John Zurek 193-3x
5       Robert Mango 192-5x
.45 Caliber National Match Course — Match 144
Place Competitor Score
1       John Zurek 295-17x
2       Kevin Vacura 295-10x
3       Matthew Vandeweghe 295-7x
4       Travis Jorgenson 294-15x
5       Thomas Rose 294-13x
.45 Caliber Timed Fire Match — Match 145
Place Competitor Score
1       Brian Zins 200-17x
2       John Zurek 200-16x
3       Lawrence Cleveland 200-15x
4       Patrick Franks 200-13x
5       Peyton Hebert 200-12x
.45 Caliber Rapid Fire Match — Match 146
Place Competitor Score
1       Jason Hedrick 200-8x
2       Phillip Hemphill 200-7x
3       John Hollingshead 199-13x
4       James Henderson 199-13x
5       Christopher Johnson 199-11x
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Image courtesy NRA Blog