Hunters, anglers and others interested in wildlife conservation and recreation now can receive regular updates from the Department of Game and Fish through the agency’s new e-mail delivery system.

Customers who shared their e-mail addresses with the department on their online license applications or purchases, and others already on distribution lists will begin receiving e-mail updates today with this message. Future updates will include news releases, weekly fishing reports, publications such as “New Mexico Wildlife” and “The Conservationist,” information about wildlife conservation, education, archery, shooting sports and more.

Customers will be able to choose e-mail topics by editing and customizing their subscription at any time by clicking on the links at the bottom of each e-mail message. Of course, there also will be an option to unsubcribe from the service.

Those who are not already signed up for the updates can do so on the department website, For assistance or for more information, please call toll-free (888) 248-6866.

Logo courtesy of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

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One thought on “New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Department Connects with Customers Through New E-mail System

  1. The G&F Dept of my native state arises from the dark ages?. My old man, NMG&F Badge#48 would have been lost on the tomfoolery with today’s technology. The new guys…well, they just don’t have what it took back 30-60 years ago when this kind of work seperated the men from the boyz. I knew both types…even back then, but the non-woodsmen have risen past the fully capable catfish cops.
    Good luck fella’s with the new e-mail program. I can’t for the life of me see why this Dept would want to “give away” anything. They’ve become one of the most vile, money-hungry Conservation agencies in the lower 48 (imho).
    Mismanagement, over-harvesting (especially of southern NM’s mule deer populations back in the 70s) coupled with Mother Nature’s wraths has lead to life-long residents having to draw a tag through a lottery system just to go on very limited deer hunts. For shame, for shame, for shame, as my memories of what New Mexico used to represent has been tarnished in ways undescribable here.
    If a hunter has deep pockets, there are opportunities to “buy a hunt” for native big game, otherwise the average Joe is relegated to a chance for a Pronghorn (this program hasn’t changed much for over 50yrs) or opt to shoot dove, quail and whatever ducks, geese or cranes may visit their area. Turkeys…both Rios and Merriams are available, too.
    Elk populations are spreading and on the rise with thanks going to the RMEF and massive efforts/donations from private citizens with little wildlife management from the NMG&F. Oh yes…there are exotics to be had. Where else in the United States besides the White Sands Missile Range can one find Gemsbok outside of the YO in TX? Ibex to be had for rock climbing enthusiasts and Barbary Sheep…just ask ranchers that have the trespassers on their property.
    And if a person was really bored or had the urge…there’s always rattlesnakes to hunt for the mentally-desperate hunter/gatherers. Bellworms are pretty tasty, by the way for those that ain’t had the pleasure.
    The Land of Enchantment…gone forever greedy!

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