Krüger targets are being used for the first time at the 2012 NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships. Krüger Premium Paper Target Company, based out of Germany, signed a contract agreement last year with the National Rifle Association. Krüger Sales Manager Joachim Seibold, pictured above, traveled all the way from Germany to see the targets in use and to receive feedback from competitors and NRA employees.

Seibold explained the contract with the NRA was not too difficult because most companies are beginning to recognize the importance of using high quality paper for targets.  Seibold asserted, “Krüger’s main goal is to provide high quality targets for a reasonable price.”

While at Camp Perry, Seibold was able to speak to pistol competitors and he revealed the shooters were very appreciative of the new targets. “The response in general is very good, so Krüger would be happy if the NRA would use the targets again next year during the National Championships,” Seibold replied.

This morning, Smallbore Match Director Howard “HQ” Moody revealed he is hoping for rain this week so he can personally witness the durability and quality of the Krüger targets.  NRA National Match Coordinator Dennis Willing told Seibold, “We are very pleased with the Krüger targets thus far and the NRA will definitely consider using the targets next year during the National Matches.”

Seibold has his own personal experiences and passions for shooting because has been an active pistol shooter for 35 years. When asked if he would have won this year’s Pistol Championships, he answered, “Honestly…I may not have won, but I would have been in the top because I have been a National Team Level shooter in Germany since I was young.”

Although Seibold was here strictly for business, he remarked his first experience at Camp Perry was a really great experience: “I like the site, the people—the people are very kind to me. All I can say is…all the best is here.” Seibold was thankful to all Americans, shooters, officials, and volunteers at Camp Perry. He also wanted to thank the NRA Board for supporting Krüger targets here. When asked if he would come back to Camp Perry, Seibold answered, “Of course…I look forward to it.”

Image courtesy NRA Blog

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2 thoughts on “Krüger Targets Being Used at National Matches

  1. I have to love the NRA. We purchase targets from a German firm for a competition much ballyhooed as a “Patriotic event” German laws are virulently anti gun and anti self defense. By the way what happened to buy American?

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