Storm Surfers 3D has the potential to be one of the biggest surfing films of all time.  It’s billed as an “epic, character-driven adventure documentary following two best friends on their quest to hunt down and ride the biggest and most dangerous waves in Australia. Aussie tow-surfing legend Ross Clarke-Jones and two-time world champion Tom Carroll enlist the help of surf forecaster Ben Matson and together they track and chase giant storms across the Great Southern Ocean.”

Of course as a 3D adventure documentary filled with some of the biggest waves ever filmed it has the potential to a pretty great source of adrenaline too.

One of the things that makes Storm Surfers 3D unique, even among other 3D films, is that the films stars carry a 3D camera into each of the giant waves they take on, putting the audience into the world of big wave surfing like never before.


Image is a screenshot courtesy 6ixtyfootfilms on youtube

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