NRA’s Junior Pistol Camp was held last week during the Pistol phase of the National Championships. Eighteen shooters took part in this year’s camp … a nice increase from last year’s shooters. Coaches and students alike enjoyed their time as NRA continues to work towards increasing participation next year.

To recognize their achievements, instructors set up an awards ceremony at Camp Perry’s Memorial Monument. The first one handed out was a sportsmanship award. That one went to Luke Hobart. Described as always willing to help on the range, Hobart walked forward to great applause as instructors and fellow shooters alike.

Next came the top three male junior shooters. Glenn Zimmerman was first for air pistol with an excellent score of 837-11x. Dwight Buchanan received second place with a 732-9x while Joseph Molder followed closely with a third place male score of 725-5x.

The top three female junior shooters also received a little recognition. The first female in junior pistol shooter wnet to Liudmilla Andvianova with a score of 785-10x and the second place female shooter was Ambrosia Keefe (who Kerrin Brinkman interviewed earlier this week) with a 693-3x. Junior shooter Elaina Vemick came in third with a score of 608-1x. Lastly, a most improved shooter award went to junior shooter Katyln Fow.

A huge thank you and congratulations goes out to not only the Junior Camp shooters, but also the coaches, volunteers and parents who helped make this camp run so well. As the coaches said at thend, “Please tell your friends about this camp and tell them how shooting is a fun and safe sport.”

Images courtesy NRA Blog

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