It turns out’s report on a rumor that Colt would be producing one of the Marine Corps’ new pistols was correct. On Friday it was announced that the Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) would be placing an order for up to 12,000  .45 caliber Colt 1911A1 Rail Guns to be the new M45 MEU(SOC) pistol. Below is the official announcement from Colt Defense LLC (via the Dalton Agency).

Colt Defense LLC has been awarded an Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity contract by the U.S. Marine Corps for up to 12,000 M45 Close Quarter Battle Pistols (CQBP), plus spares and logistical support.  The new CQBP is a direct descendant of the iconic Colt M1911 adopted by the U.S. military in 1911 and carried as the primary sidearm through all the major conflicts of the 20th century.

The CQBP contract is for a five-year period and has a potential value of up to $22.5 million.  The CQBP expands on a long history of MARCORSYSCOM re-building original Government-issue 1911s, primarily for use by Force Recon and MARSOC units.

“This is a truly gratifying contract award,” said Gerry Dinkel, President and CEO of Colt Defense. “To have the 1911 selected again for U.S. Forces 101 years after its initial introduction is just an incredible testament to the timeless design and effectiveness of the Colt 1911.  Colt Defense looks forward to another great partnership with the Marine Corps as we renew industry production of the military 1911.”

The initial Delivery Order on the contract is for 4036 CQBP, plus spares.  Deliveries will begin later this year.

Image courtesy of Dalton Agency

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  • Once again, now that Colt finally came out with a suitable replacement, we can fix something. Colt please hurry and come out with a better rifle since apparently you are the only company that can be awarded small arms contracts! Something like the Colt Remington ACR or the Colt XM8 or the Colt 416. Please hurry with a revolutionary new Colt design. Let’s not forget, it isn’t a Colt designed 1911 that lasted over 100 years, it’s a John Browning design manufactured by Colt just like the Eugene Stoner/Armalite AR15 that Colt would like us all to think was their idea. Bottom line though, thank goodness some of our boys have a real pistol now! Must admit though, I preferred the Kimbers they’ve been using. Look at that pistol, it’s a Kimber Desert Warrior with Colt on the side of it! Nobody knows politics like Colt, NOBODY.

  • Tomah57

    Exellent !

    • carl

      finally full circle! while i respect the 9mm Para, when you need a “big stick” at close range, take the .45 ACP! Also, let’s keep our armaments manufactured by American companies. it only makes economic & strategic sense.

  • kagbalete

    not entirely made in the USA, better if they had gotten it in 10mm, the 45 acp is useless against body armor….