Don’t use traditional widgets to solve your website’s content needs. Stop sending traffic offsite to enjoy a full article or video. As a brand, it’s time to go beyond social media and truly share content under your brand image with loyal niche communities. Using Outdoor Hub Connect, you can advance your value with consumers online, all while enjoying the following benefits:

  • It’s Free: Build as many high quality and fully customized widgets at no cost to you. Go ahead and utilize the extensive content library offered through Outdoor Hub Connect, it’s all free.
  • Make Money: Use Connect widgets to run your affiliate ads, sell your own advertising opportunities or use an Outdoor Hub sponsored content widget(s). The more websites that embed your widget(s), the larger your revenue opportunities.
  • Advertise Your Brand: If getting your brand/advertising message across to consumers is your objective, there is no better way than through quality content. Outdoor Hub Connect makes it easy for you to develop a fully customized content widget that not only promotes your brand but also provides significant value for website owners and bloggers to embed it. If you don’t have your own content to build a custom branded content widget, that’s okay. You still have full access to the Outdoor Hub content library which you can filter and customize to meet your exact needs.Speak with an Outdoor Hub representative to learn more about this great advertising solution.
  • It’s a Complete Solution: Don’t just aggregate content tiles and links like a typical widget or be stuck with limited customization features. Don’t limit the user experience on your website because you can’t find the time to publish regular content. Outdoor Hub Connect widgets provide many advanced features that go beyond the normal widget including:
    • Design customization tools that allow you to fully brand the content viewing experience.
    • A full-view article and video experience that retains the user on your website. No more sending traffic offsite to enjoy great content.
    • Users that read, react or leave comments on content delivered through Connect widgets are actually engaging in conversations with other users accessing the content on multiple websites.
    • Connect widgets work in any browser.
  • Full Content Freedom: When using Outdoor Hub Connect widgets, you have the freedom to showcase your content, celebrity social feeds, local news reports and you can leverage the robust Outdoor Hub content library. With unlimited content options you can provide content that markets to your user’s needs, promotes your brand or simply expands your website into a new niche.
  • Increase Your Online Value: A fast and effective way to increase your value with consumers is to provide entertaining content regularly that’s specific to their needs. Website owners using Connect widgets will experience longer time on site stats as well as increases in return visitors. Businesses that provide content through a fully branded Connect widget will see an increase in brand recognition and consumer appreciation because your brand is providing the content that meets their needs.

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