Bear watchers and wildlife enthusiasts, take note!, a nonprofit media organization, has trained two solar-powered cameras on a stretch of water of the Brooks River in Katmai National Park in Alaska. The unique perspective allows viewers sitting at their desks to watch bears catch and feed on salmon in real time from the comfort of their home.

Charlie Annenberg, founder of, said the bears that arrive just in time for dinner to the rushing waters are mostly dominant males. According to the website, approximately 2,200 bears live in Katmai. In July, during the late salmon run, there may be about 80 to 100 bears at Brooks Camp.

The Brooks River is part of the largest Sockeye salmon run in the world, which is great news for the bears who can eat up to 40 salmon, or roughly the equivalent of 100 pounds/100,000 calories, of fish per day!

Catch your chance to watch the live cam now as Brooks Falls will be busiest from July through the first week or two of August. Follow this link to view the bears in real time.

Image screenshot of bear cam on

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