Earlier today Im Dong-hyun, the blind South Korean Olympic archer who we reported on earlier, set the first two world records of the 2012 London Olympics. Im Dong-hyun broke his own world record for the 72 arrow event, and he lifted his South Korean team to a record-breaking performance. Im Dong-hyun broke the individual world record he set in May by just three points ending with a total score of 699.

Im was happy with his performance, but did not want to speculate too much on what his early success will mean, saying “this is just the first round, so I will not get too excited by it.”

Im and his two teammates Kim Bub-min and Oh Jin-hyek also broke the record for a 216 arrow event by 18 points for a total of 2,087, which is only 73 points away from a perfect score. Im is no stranger to Olympic success, having won gold medals in the team event at the 2008 Beijing and 2004 Athens Olympics.

These new world records are particluarly amazing given the fact the Im only has about 15% vision. According to Im, when he looks down range all he can see is a blur of lines and colors. Im says he uses the colors on the target to see where he needs to place his next shot. Im Dong-hyun is sure to be one of the heroes of the 2012 Olympics, given his amazing talents and the obstacles he has had to overcome. Stay tuned to Outdoor Hub for more live updates as they come in.

Image Courtesy of archerytv via YouTube

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