Over the weekend, talent scouts took turns interviewing prospective bayou-dwelling Louisiana locals to be the next alligator hunter on the History Channel’s hit show Swamp People.

Goloka Bolte, head of casting with Los Angeles-based The Casting Firm, is not just looking for an actor. “We’re really looking for somebody authentic,” said Bolte to Houma Today during interviews at a local Louisiana eatery. “We’re looking for somebody who’s been alligator hunting for years and can just show us how it’s done.”

The scouts have already hit numerous locations in Louisiana and Texas and they have one more stop in Lafayette, Louisiana on Saturday, August 4 before they make their pick.

Swamp People‘s success has really put Louisiana gator hunting in the limelight. It’s even brought a small influx of tourists who want to see the bayous for themselves. “Ever since the show, we’ve had people coming from all over the place out of state and staying with us,” said Angie Aucoin, wife of one prospective alligator hunter who has been in the business for more than 30 years. “It’s really gotten people interested in what it’s like living down here.”

Another interviewee held up his leg to show a scar he said was from an alligator bite. Mike Dufrene from Grammercy has been hunting nuisance alligators for 20 years to pad his income.

“You only live once,” Dufrene said. “I’ve been doing this for 20 years, so I thought I might as well try to get famous while doing it.”

The show had been in the news recently after one of its main stars died unexpectedly on May 14. Mitchell Guist reportedly suffered a seizure while on the swamp. An autopsy later determined he died of natural causes.

The next person on the show will join the ranks of Austyn Yoches, Blake McDonald, Glenn Guist (Mitchell’s brother), Troy Landry and more. Interested crocodile hunters can still apply for the last casting call on August 4 at thecastingfirm.com/swamppeople.

Watch a clip of the show below when Troy Landry takes his nephews out for a day of alligator hunting.


Image video screenshot from historychannel on youtube

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