Port Clinton, Ohio – It was a warm, muggy night when the NRA handed out trophies for the 2012 National Smallbore 3-Position Championships last month. After days of competition where the leaderboard changed as often as the weather, there was no mistaking who ended up with top billing – Carson City’s Tarl Kempley.

But Tarl wasn’t the only champ to be crowned that night. There was a Woman’s Champion, Senior Champion, Junior Champion and more. For more on those men and women, those who achieved so much in a few days on the fields of Camp Perry, here’s a list of their accomplishments and a look as they accept their recognition:

  1. Woman Champion — Kirsten Weiss, 2287 – 96x
  2. Senior Champion — Harold Rocketto, 2194 – 72x
  3. Int. Senior Champ — William Burkert, 2213 – 76x
  4. Collegiate Champion — Amanda Luoma, 2281 – 92x
  5. Service Champion — Cpt Christopher Abalo, 2276 – 100x
  6. Int. Junior Champ — Benjamin Swanson, 2276 – 87x
  7. Sub Junior Champ — Samantha Peterson, 2178 – 74x
  8. Junior Champion — Amanda Luoma, 2281 – 92x
  9. Civilian Champion — Tarl Kempley, 2295 – 108x

Image courtesy NRA Blog

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