To rule out any possible risk for the user, SALEWA has decided to recall some Civetta II full-body harnesses and Vertigo 400 Alpindonna harnesses as a precautionary measure.

Civetta II Full-Body harnesses before batch 2012 have been recalled.

Vitrigo 400 Alpindonna Climbing harnesses from batch 2009 (only batch 2009) have been recalled.

SALEWA tests its safety products at regular intervals to be able to guarantee the highest possible standards of quality and safety. In the course of these tests, we checked the load bearing capacity of the SALEWA Civetta II full-body harness and the Vertigo 400 Alpindonna harness. Some deviations from standards were identified in a few individual harnesses during these tests.

If you own one of the above Civetta II full-body harnesses or Vertigo 400 Alpindonna harnesses, please visit your specialist retailer and exchange this product for a new harness.

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Images courtesy Salewa

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