In the amazing video below, a young bear cub struggles to escape a whirlpool in the Kenai River in southcentral Alaska. In his terror, the cub periodically yells for help, which ironically sound a lot like he’s voicing the word “bear.” According to the uploader of the video, Mike Polocz, it took 15 minutes for a group of good-hearted fishermen to get him out of the swirling current. They tried nudging him into calmer waters several times until they managed to usher the bear to safety with the aid of a net, which is briefly visible at the end of the video. According to Polocz, after it got back on dry land, the bear let out another cry for its momma, who came back for him.


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Image from Daniel Spils (daniel spils) on the flickr Creative Commons

  • facebook

    You didn,t show them doing anything except looking and running their mouth. That bear probably drown. Why would you be so stupid as to advertise this and not show the advertised outcome. This is like a typical political speech. Half truth.

    • scooterblue002

      Where was the rescue? What a load of crap! Poor cub probably did drown!