High Power matches began yesterday at 7:30 am. After a little rain, competitors were called to the line for the official start. It was a perfect setting — the sun was shining, the air was cool and all were ready to take on the range.

On Viale Range, the sixth annual NRA/Springfield M1A Match (featuring $27,000 in cash and merchandise prizes) brought a number of new people out to the field, breathing new life into the long famous piece of equipment.

Edwin G. Agle of Beavercreek, Ohio took the top $2,000 prize and M1A medallion with a score of 477-13x. But he wouldn’t be alone – the top fifty competitors were also awarded M1A medallions. And some were even lucky enough to win various Springfield firearms. The final results for the NRA/Springfield M1A match are posted below.

NRA/Springfield M1A Match 543


  1. Edwin G. Agle 477-13x
  2. Nick Till 475-8x
  3. William B. Walter 474-6x
  4. Thomas Rider 473-12x
  5. Shawn McKenna 473-4x

Competitors also engaged in a little more cooperative competition a little further down at Rodriguez Range. That’s where the Whistler Boy and NRA 2nd Amendment team matches took place.

NCRPA Green, consisting of Mary London, James London and coach David McFarling, won the Whistler Boy Trophy. Mary finished with a score of 479-8x while James ended up with a 483-10x. That combined a score of 962-18x was enough for the team to receive one Buschmaster Firearm along with a Whistler Boy Trophy Plaque and medallion.

Whistler Boy High Power Trophy Match — Match 434

Place/Team Name/Score

  1. NCRPA GREEN 962-18x
  2. CA Grizzlies White Oak 953-25x
  3. Lewis and Clark Junior Gold 953-21x

USAMU-MATCH took the 2012 overall 2nd Amendment Championship title and also the High Match Rifle Team title. USAMU-MATCH consisted of SGT Sherri Gallagher and SSG Brandon Green of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit. For their efforts, each team member received an NRA 2nd Amendment Plaque and a $20 VISA gift card. The 2012 High Service Rifle team was USMCR GOLD with a score of 983-31x. The High Civilian Team went to PIG AND A POKE with a score of 982-38x.

Congratulations to all of our new champions. Results from today’s High Power Team matches will be up soon.

To view a slideshow of the event, visit the original blog post on NRABlog.com.

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