So, you want to organize a hunting club? Beyond notions of acres of game land, a great stone fireplace and an antler-filled lodge, how do you make the dream a reality?

Based on years of experience, author and wildlife management consultant J. Wayne Fears reveals the step-by-step process of organizing, building, recruiting members and maintaining a successful hunting club. From club by-laws to game management plans, clubhouse to land acquisition, to managing the members, this book has it all.

The new Hunt Club Management Guide E-book will be your manual for establishing a pleasant and successful hunt club.

Learn how to:

  • Find land to lease
  • Buy club insurance
  • Organize a hunt club
  • Manage the club house
  • Handle poachers & trespassers
  • Mark boundaries
  • Manage guest
  • Plant food plots
  • And much, much more

To order Hunt Club Management Guide for $3.99 go to and search for Hunt Club Management Guide in the search box.

For more information on J. Wayne Fears and his other books go to

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