NRA’s National High Power Rifle Championship matches kicked off this week with a scattering of volunteers and competitors alike. Their time on range limited by an 8:00 am thunderstorm that left officials little option but delay. As a deluge of rain, wind, thunder and lightening fell upon the field, people were rushed from the firing line and out of the pits before the day could truly begin. An ominous start to say the least.

The storm cell was still moving through more than an hour later. Everyone involved taking shelter in cars, sheds and the NRA Stat Office, the hope was that all would clear in time to save the shooting day.

When that time arrived, as the rain and winds and lightening held a cease fire of their own, the Springfield M1A Rifle and Whistler Boy Matches resumed firing while those waiting for the 2nd Amendment Match would wait some more. Lucky, there was time for all.

Later that night, competitors gathered (with their rifles back in their beds) for an impromptu Awards Ceremony. Top Shots from the Springfield M1A, Whistler Boy and 2nd Amendment Match received recognition and reward for their achievements in Sunday’s competitions. Call it an incentive for the High Power Rifle Championships to come. And hope, beyond hope, that that was the worst of it all.

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