Steve West, founder and host of Steve’s Outdoor Adventures TV (, has taken the Muzzleloader World Record grizzly bear. The previous record of 23 2/16″ was shattered when West’s grizzly was scored at 26 1/16″, eclipsing it by almost three inches.

“I feel extremely fortunate and very lucky,” said West. “You never wake up in the morning going on a hunt and say to yourself, ‘I am going to go out today and take a world-record animal.’ To be honest, when I realized I had a potential world-record grizzly bear, I found it to be a very humbling experience.”

West used a CVA .50 Caliber ACCURA V2 to make the 49 yard shot on the big grizzly. The bear was taken during a 10-day hunt in British Columbia with long-time friend and hunting celebrity Phil Phillips.

“Steve is definitely one of the most highly regarded big game hunters in the industry,” said Dudley McGarity, CEO of CVA. “Now he has secured his place in hunting history with this incredible grizzly bear. CVA is proud to be a sponsor of the Steve’s Outdoor Adventures TV series, and we’re thrilled to have played a part in this historic hunting achievement.”    West’s muzzleloader was topped with the Burris FastFire sight, which he says was critical for bullet placement in the fading light.  “The FastFire sight provides an illuminated aiming point that allowed me to put the bullet in the perfect spot and dropped the big bear in his tracks,” said West.

“Steve’s focus on adventure big game hunting has been highly contributory to hissuccess in the outdoor television industry,” said PatrickBeckett, VP of Burris Company. “It seems like every time we turn around he has taken another record class animal on film. Burris has enjoyed a prosperous partnership with Steve’s Outdoor Adventures TV seriesfor many years, andwe are fortunate tohave Steve West endorsing our innovative and highly dependable products.”

West’s muzzleloader was shooting the 405 grain Copper Powerbelt Bullets propelled by 150 grains of IMR whitehot pellets.

Official Scorer and Legendary Archer Gail Martin, founder of Martin Archery in Walla Walla, WA, scored the bear skull at 26 1/16″ B&C. Because the skull had tissue and the lower jaw still attached the bear will have to be re-measured for official entry, but the measurement will likely not change, and both Gail Martin and Steve West acknowledge that the bear will easily eclipse the current record.

This hunt will air as a two episode series on Steve’s Outdoor Adventures in September on the Outdoor Channel featuring not only this amazing grizzly hunt but also awesome coastal black bear action featuring West, Phillips, and some of West’s clients. More details on the airing can be found at

Steve’s Outdoor Adventures is a high adrenaline big game hunting program featuring western big game hunting at its finest. No tree-stand whitetail hunts, turkey hunts or bass fishing on this show. Each weekly episode, West hunts the most exciting destinations across North America showcasing true adventure hunts for moose, grizzly and brown bear, caribou, muskox, trophy mule deer, elk and more. As the face of the Burris Eliminator Laser Scope, West showcases amazing hunts with his Bergara Custom Rifle while he also pursues a super slam of North America with his CVA muzzleloader.

The show airs Friday at 2:30pm, Fridays at 1:30am, and Saturdays at 5:00pm on The Outdoor Channel. To learn more, visit

Image courtesy of Buzz Agency

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2 thoughts on “Steve West Smashes Long Standing Boone & Crockett Grizzly Record with Muzzleloader

  1. I am sure Boone and Crockett used a “Round Ball” with Black Powder. Not sure if these advanced bullets and powder should be considered Muzzle loading.

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