“If memory serves me, the first item I ever purchased from the Brownells catalog was a set of scope bases for a Remington 700 rifle.  That had to be twenty years ago.” related Paul Markel, host and producer of Student of the Gun.  “Throughout the years Brownells has been my go to source when I needed parts and components for gun projects. During the last decade I’ve watched them grow from a full-service gunsmith catalog to the provider of nearly everything you need to go in, on, or with your gun.”

Markel continued, “One aspect that has always impressed me is the human element present throughout Brownells.  From the top down every person you encounter at Brownells, from the lady who answers the telephone to the in-house gunsmith who comes on the line to walk you through installing a part, is courteous, patient and friendly.”  During a tour of the Montezuma, Iowa facility, Frank Brownell commented, “I never want someone to call (during business hours) and get a machine.  Our goal is no more than three rings and you are talking to a genuine human being.”   It’s that spirit that sets Brownells apart from others in the field.

“When the opportunity arose to partner with Brownells for a Student of the Gun SuperStore I knew we had a winning combination. They offer what our audience needs every day.  SOTG and Brownells are a perfect fit.”  Markel concluded.

After you have watched the latest episode of Student of the Gun online, you can shop for over 75,000 products right from the brand new website.  Many products offered in the vast Brownells catalog will be featured throughout the new season of the show.   All of the new episodes of Student of the Gun will be available for instant viewing by simply going to http://www.studentofthegun.com.

Shop the SuperStore Direct at:  http://studentofthegun.com/bro/shop.php

Images courtesy of Paul Markel

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