Smelling sweet treats coming from an Estes Park, Colorado candy store, a bear managed to open the front door to the shop overnight to feast to his heart’s content.

When store owner Jo Adams arrived at the shop on the morning of Wednesday, July 25, she hardly noticed anything was out of place except for a few candy wrappers on the ground and some dirt on the counter. She thought a squirrel might have gotten in to her store, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, a franchise throughout Colorado.

She called for assistance to help clean up and find the squirrel, but when family members arrived, Adams looked at surveillance cameras to find the culprit: a hungry bear.

In just 20 minutes’ time the bear made seven trips in and out of the candy shop by prying open the front door, which had an unsecured deadbolt. He would steal up as much candy as he could hold then whisk it outside to chow down. This was at approximately four o’clock in the morning.

Surprisingly, nothing else was damaged. “He was very clean and very careful. He ate a lot of candy,” Adams told the Estes Park News.

After cleaning the store, throwing away any candy he might have touched and fixing the deadbolt, the candy shop was again open for business. You might think that having so much merchandise eaten or thrown away would be bad for business, but the popularity of the bear actually drove more customers to the shop, some of whom order “what the bear ate.”

Below is surveillance camera footage of the bear’s escapade into the shop and a word from Adams about the treats that enticed the bear the most.


Image from teofilo on the flickr Creative Commons

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