Dreary weather begins second half of Camp Perry championships.

Port Clinton, Ohio – After two days of near-perfect weather, things have taken a turn at the High Power Rifle Championships at Camp Perry. Forecasted rain took no time to show up this morning and begin pelting competitors and their firearms. And it’s only going to get worse from here.

A high chance of thunderstorms throughout the day means it’s likely there will be delays. If there are too many delays, the length and score of subsequent matches could be decreased. In some cases — cancelled. But there’s little chance that the rain will stop — though the lightning will.

Reports suggest that the rain will fall throughout the day, night and all day tomorrow as well – a clear contrast from the championship’s first half.

But this is Camp Perry. Straining weather is what it’s known for. Will the rain affect scores? Hard to believe it won’t. It’s difficult to tell so far. Competitors wrap their heads, boots and rifles and hope for the best.

Now we’re waiting for Appreciation Cup scores to arrive. So far, Sergeant John Coggshall of the Army National Guard is tied with Master Sergeant Norman Anderson of the Army Reserve. Their scores sit at 200-16x. Mark Laramie brings up third with a 200-15x while James O’Connell is in fourth. And overall leader Carl Bernosky still sits at the top after firing a 200-12x for fifth overall in this match.

These scores are on average with past years, but there are still two matches left and the skies aren’t going to let up.

Making the day much more bearable is Nosler, the High Power Championship’s official sponsor. This morning the Nosler guys came out to the firing line to out free ammunition to a bunch of the shooters.

I’m sure they’ll put it to good use.

Appreciation Cup — Match 447
1      John Coggshall200-16x
2      Norman Anderson200-16x
3      Mark Laramie200-15x
4      James O’Connell200-13x
5      Carl Bernosky200-12x

Images courtesy NRA Blog

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