Berknosky and Gallagher duke it out at top for NRA rifle title.

Port Clinton, Ohio – And just like that the storms have passed. The rain let up. All is right on the rifle range.

Radar shows storms in the distance may have the potential to drench the field again, but for now the still-cloudy skies are a lighter shade of gray. Guess I should know by now to not expect Camp Perry’s weather conditions to play out as predicted.

Despite all the rain, there was nn lightning so matches ran as scheduled. The NRA Marine Corps Cup was next on the day’s itinerary and a couple relays were even able to shoot it after the rain let up.

Scoring sheets show Hugo Adelson in the lead for this particular match with a 200-17x. Shooting legend David Tubb edged right in behind for second with his 200-16x. Andrew Borkon and Carl Bernosky are sharing third with their pair of 200-14x’s. That leaves Staff Sergeant Leigh Jenks III and Sergeant Sherri Gallagher tied for fifth.

The Air Force Cup at 600 yards is coming up and Bernosky and Gallagher are still neck-and-neck in points. Bernosky has increased his lead slightly, though, gaining an X on Gallagher in the Marine Corps Cup.

Marine Corps Cup — NRA Rifle Match 448
1      Hugo Adelson200-17x
2      David Tubb200-16x
3      Andrew Borkon200-14x
3      Carl Bernosky200-14x
5      Leigh Jenks III200-13x
5      Sherri Gallagher200-13x

Images courtesy NRA Blog

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