GameMasters of Quincy, Illinois hosted their annual Waterfowl Weekend over the August 10th weekend.  It was well attended and Reggie Summers and his staff did a great job putting on the event.  In attendance were Higdon Decoys, Waterfowl Innovations, Tim and Hunter Grounds, and several other companies showing their products.  With the teal hunting less than a month away, the timing was perfect.

It was obvious from observing the many folks on Saturday that getting their hands on    some of the new products for the first time was their reason for attendance.  Higdon had their new Alpha Goose decoys on display.  These huge 24” decoys are a real as you can with motion stands that attach to the decoy so you can pick the decoy up and not loose or leave the stand on the ground.  There newest Tru-Feeder, Tru-Sentry and Tru-Walker were on display along with their un-flocked and flocked, wobblers, prowlers, full bodies, floaters and feeders.  These are impressive goose decoys. The complete line of their motion duck and floaters drew a crowd too.

Waterfowl Innovations provided another neat display.  Terry McDaniel has designed the Super Feeder that is the answer to replacing your jerk string.  This unique decoy, sticks in the mud and using an adjustable pole, it mounts at water level just like a floating decoy.  Powered by a dry cell 12v battery the Super Feeder, using a water pump and piston, tips the decoy head underwater and then releases the decoy creating plenty of ripple on the water.  Very effective and works great.

GameMasters during the weekend had some great deals on Winchester ammunition and shotguns, Drake Waterfowl Gear, and I saw some new entries into the consumer market.  I highly recommend you take the time to attend one of the fall waterfowl shows as they are informative, offer some great deals and get you even more excited about the upcoming teal and duck season.  Thanks again to the good people at GameMasters for their hospitality.  Northeastern Missouri and western Illinois hunters have a wonderful retailer working hard to meet all their hunting needs.

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