The South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Commission has changed the restrictions on the use of body-grip traps on public lands and road rights-of-way.

No one may set or operate a body-grip trap with a jaw spread greater than 6 ¾ inches in conjunction with any bait, lure or scent unless the trap is recessed in a plastic, wood or metal cubby with a minimum of 7 inches from the front end of the cubby to trigger the trap, or the trap is set below the water’s edge in a stream, river or other body of water.

The change was made because of concerns about dogs getting caught in the traps, and it applies only to public lands and road rights-of-way.

The GFP Commission also clarified the legal size of muskrat colony traps.  A previous rule did not address square traps.  The size of colony traps used for muskrats may not exceed 36 inches in overall length.  If using a round colony trap, the diameter cannot exceed 12 inches.  If using a box colony trap, the height may not exceed 12 inches, and the width may not exceed 12 inches.

Logo courtesy of South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks

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