Rifle team from Australia makes mark on NRA Championships.

Port Clinton, Ohio – The excitement surrounding this year’s NRA Long Range Rifle Championships isn’t just about the individual title, there’s also the America Match to consider. Teams from across the globe have traveled here to Camp Perry for that very match … including a team from Australia.

“Right now we’re in a team building process,” said Australian Palma Rifle Team member David ‘The Wagon’ Waters. “Cycle shooters through, step outside the square, push the boundaries and see what we can come up with as a team.”

Their ability to work as a team has been put to the test so far. In matches such as the Roumanian Trophy Team and Herrick Trophy Team, they’re best overall finish is 5th … behind teams from America, Great Britain and Canada.

Some of that could be attributed to the travel, some to the conditions, but the most likely culprit could be the difference in Long Range Rifle rules here at the NRA Championships.

Adapting to NRA rules and procedures for Long Range Rifle Championships

“In World Long Range, we shoot eight, nine and 10 (800, 900 and 1,000 yards), so it’s very similar to the Palma Course,” explained Waters. “Unlike the Palma Course, we don’t do it sequentially from eight to nine to ten. We jumble up the distances. Eight a thousand, nine a thousand, eight, nine, eight, a thousand and so on.

“Here we have block time for one shooter at a time where as back in Australia, every shooter has a period of time that starts when they get on the mound and then the next shooter will infiltrate. Everyone shoots in squadrons. It’s a little difficult for us because it’s not what we’re use to shooting.”

But those differences have yet to dampen their spirits. Seen interacting with the other teams, Australian Long Range Rifle competitors have achieved a touch of celebrity status during the NRA Matches. Meeting with shooters who participated in last year’s World Long Range Rifle championships in Brisbane, posing for pictures and talking the long range talk.

“It’s great to have them here,” said U.S. Palma Rifle Team member Anette Wachter (also known as the .30 Cal Gal). “They understand their sport, are adapting well to the conditions and have a real chance to win this year’s America Match.”

Image courtesy NRA Blog

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