Introducing 3-Gun Matches to Young Shooters


NRA 3-Gun Experience brought to AIM Championship.

Sparta, Illinois – “Do you really think youth Trap shooters will be interested in a 3-Gun shooting experience?”

The NRA was asked this question and, after a huge turnout at the Academics Integrity Marksmanship (AIM) Championship, they can respond with a resounding “YES!”

3-Gun shooting competitions have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years and the NRA saw AIM as the perfect venue to introduce 3-Gun to young shooters. AIM is the youth program associated with the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) and has some 5,000 members nationwide.

In a 3-Gun challenge shooters, shooters compete in timed rifle, shotgun and pistol stages and are penalized for each missed target.

Putting our own spin on the competition, the NRA created a unique 3-Gun experience with unconventional 3-Gun firearms. Typically, 3-Gun competitions are won by competitors with customized centerfire firearms. In order to introduce the event to young shotgun shooters, the NRA offered stock .22 rifles and pistols to be used. The .22 firearms were a hit with the shooters stemming from their simple operation and low recoil.

In order to challenge these talented shooters, one “no shoot” target was set up amongst the scoring targets for each firearm’s station. But these “no shoot” targets posed no problem for the participants, who skillfully aimed clear as they completed the course.

The NRA’s 3-Gun Experience .22 version was a success with well over 250 participants and we’re looking forward to the next opportunity to introduce youth groups to this exciting competition.


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