Despite the heat and long days, mid-August marks the beginning of the peak of fall migration for many species of birds as they travel to far-flung wintering grounds in central and south America.

People can log onto the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website at noon Wednesday, August 15 for a live chat with DNR biologists Kim Grveles and Andy Paulios who will answer questions about fall bird watching opportunities during the peak of migration.

The chat will address questions about where to go birding, what birds to expect, how to make backyards or other property migratory “hotspots,” and what partners in the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative are doing to enhance habitats for the millions of birds that wing their way south through the state every fall. These include:

  • migratory stopover conservation efforts (see the August 2011 DNR magazine article “Respites for migratory birds”);
  • upcoming “Grosbeaks Galore” workshop);
  • Bird City Wisconsin program;
  • Costa Rica projects (Osa Conservation);
  • eBird ( – exit DNR); and
  • shorebird management for birders/birds at Wisconsin DNR Wildlife Management Areas (interactive google map).

Logo courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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