The country of Norway has about 100,000 moose. One of those happened to be crossing the road in rural Hedmark county, Norway, 140 miles north of Oslo at midnight on Wednesday when an unnamed driver noticed it at the last minute.

The driver slammed on the breaks and swerved to avoid hitting it, but into the car ended up careening into a brown bear that was near the road.

The driver’s car sustained some damage, but the moose fled unharmed. There is a search party on the look out for the bear who left a little blood at the scene. “The driver had lost a bit of speed as he tried to avoid the moose before hitting the bear,” Svein Erik Bjorke, a local wildlife official, told Reuters.

“We are currently tracking the bear and we have found traces of blood indicating internal injuries,” Bjorke said.

There are only about 150 brown bears in Norway, a small amount compared to the large moose population.

Image from Peter Van den Bossche (LHOON) on the flickr Creative Commons

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