In perhaps the biggest domination of any sport on the recent World stage, Generation X10 athletes, or “Gen X10” as they’ve now been dubbed, have swept the podiums once again at the Games using X10 arrows.  Gen X10 athletes again won every team and individual title and earned their way into history, not only winning Gold, but also taking every single Silver and Bronze archery medal the London Olympics had to offer. Perhaps the most amazing part of the feat, is that every single medal in the previous four Olympiads have also been won by Gen X10 athletes. Archers first used Easton X10 arrows in the 1996 Atlanta Games and it’s a credit to their dedication, world-class skill, and a relentless drive to win, that has allowed them to take every gold, silver, and bronze title at all five Games.

Crosswinds are one of the trickiest parts of competing at Olympic distances so arrow diameter is a big part of equipment choice. Every individual medal and every team title was won with an X10 shaft because its alloy-carbon micro arrow technology is the best choice to minimize the effect of crosswinds for long-range shooting.

The London Games were especially noteworthy for Korean Gen X10 shooters with the men making history in both individual and team competition.  OH Jin-Hyuk made Olympic history by becoming the first-ever Korean man to win the men’s individual gold. The Korean men also set two new World and Olympic records with X10 arrows—IM Dong Hyun setting the new World and Olympic individual ranking record, and Korea’s team scoring a new team ranking World record.

Images courtesy Media Direct/Easton

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