Sign up for NRA’s 2012 National Police Shooting Championships.

Fairfax, Virgina – The time has come for the best shots in Law Enforcement to gather in Albuquerque. That means county, municipal, state, military and other qualified professionals (Not sure if you qualify for NRA’s National Police Shooting Championships? Take a look) need to make plans for New Mexico but soon. Retirees too!

But the first thing you need to do is register. Sure, a vacation in Albuquerque come September can be fun, but if given the opportunity to display some of your skills and walk away with a few prizes isn’t a bad way to spend a few days either. Just go to the NRA’s National Police Shooting Championships webpage and click register in the first big line of blue.

But it’s more then a competition. It’s an opportunity to meet Law Enforcement members from all over the world.

“In the past years, we’ve had competitors come from as far away as Russia and Venezuela,” said NRA Law Enforcement Director Glen Hoyer. “While they’re going up against each other out there on the range, there’s a great deal of comradery when they come off the line. Sharing tools, equipment, tips on how to improve their shot. It’s a real brotherhood.”

There’s also a Tactical Police Competition, special categories and prizes for first time contenders as well as a celebrity sighting or two.

So start the weekend off right. Take a deep breath, go the range for a warm up, and start thinking about Albuquerque. Think about all you can see, all you can learn and all you do. Do it for yourself, for your commanding officer and for your department.

After all, trigger time is training time.

Image courtesy NRA Blog

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